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Video Set for Episode 02 by Racum

There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image.

Video Set for Episode 02 by Racum

Stickam is a free video conferencing site that allows you to join or
create your own chat room. It reminds me of a traditional chat room,
with a video feature. I believe that Stickam would be a very useful
tool at my job. For example, my coworkers and I could use this tool
rather than meeting in the conference room every other day for a
in-person meeting. The only problem I forsee is that the chat room has
limited video slots. Lastly, a user’s online etiquette is vital for
the chatting community to work. If too many individuals have their mic
on at one time, an annoying echo resonates in everyone’s ear and can
be very irritating. I learned that it’s proper to always begin a video
conference with your mic muted, and unmute when recognized or by
raising your hand to talk.


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