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Part 1:

In the Media Asset Creation class I learned that

  • Technology enables us to control our culture
  • Together we can create a collective intelligence, in which we can collaborate, solve puzzles and interact with multiple types of media
  • That imagining a larger box is sometimes thinking outside the box
  • How to use creative commons to share my work and promote creativity verses scarcity
  • How to use Bridge to organize my files and work quicker with other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • To customize my own commercial free station based on my favorite artists
  • To start out giving A’s and seeing myself as a contribution without needing to put on an impressive mask
  • How to use Flash and After Effects for interactivity and animation

In the end, I learned that technology only increases our potential to
share and build upon what we already know; but it’s up to us to come
out of our shells and share, participate, and define our convergent

"Globes" by _sarchiThere is a Creative Commons license attached to this image.


"Globes" by _sarchi

Part 2:

Flash and object-oriented programming seems to be the technology that
is bridging the gap between mobile and web technology. Flash allows
users to interact with text, video, and audio using a programming
language called ActionScripting. For my final presentation, I will
attempt to integrate Flash’s interactivity with an Augmented Reality
program called MediaScape. Augmented Reality merges virtual
information within a real setting. For example, a flash movie plays on
a mobile device depending on you location or a 3D model is displayed
based on a 2D barcode or marker.  As our culture continues to converge
into a more personalized culture, I believe education will follow the
same trend. Augmented Reality allows learners to access information
that is relevant to their immediate situation or within a certain
context.  MediaScape allows teachers to build location-based lessons
that take advantage of the real world surroundings, while adding
another level of insight through augmented video, audio, or text.


One Comment

  1. amazing work. That is wonderful. I showed it to the other course directors and they were impressed. 😀

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