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"Old Mac" by Monochrome

There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image.


"Old Mac" by Monochrome

Wow! Scratch and ALICE both teach kids basic principles of
object-oriented programming and allows them to create their own
animation and games. With applications like these, software
development will eventually become a task that everyone can learn at a
basic level. For example, students can learn to solve problems by
debugging their own code. Flash on the other hand, is an industry
standard animation and application development software that takes it
to another level. Students that begin with Scratch and ALICE can
easily transfer their skills to Flash development. Flash is geared
toward creating applications for web deployment, but now offers that
ability to create presentations like PowerPoint. Flash uses a linear
timeline and ActionScript to control the flow of the application and
makes the possibilities for interactivity endless. Because it’s so
mainstream, developers around the world have used flash to create
things from interactive videos to interactive 3d-models. It takes a
lot of logical/mathematical intelligence to get a hang of the
ActionScripting, but there are a lot of tutorials on the web.


One Comment

  1. I have a special place in my heart for the old Mac SE… never owned one, wrote on my university newspaper (entertainment section) on one though. Sigh.

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