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"Jumping for Joy in Moel Hiraddug" by clspeaceThere is a Creative Commons license attached to this image.


"Jumping for Joy in Moel Hiraddug" by clspeace

As a designer, it’s important to be able to unleash my creativity on
demand. Sometimes, I get caught up in the technical aspects of design,
typography and create something that functions well; but is not
creative. Zander & Zander (2000) encouraged me stay present with the
moment and participate (i.e. taking the risk and seeing where it
leads). This chapter was really inspirational and I really enjoyed the
one-buttock player metaphor. I’m reminded of a childhood quark that I
use to, that let me know that I was passionately participating. My
tongue use to always stick out of the corner of my mouth, when I was
really lost in the creative process. It seems like, as I’ve gotten
older, I’ve had fewer moments like that and became more up tight. It’s
time to let it go!


Zander, R., & Zander, B. (2000). The art of possibilities:
Transforming professional and personal life
. New York: Peguin Books.


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