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Interview with Ron Smith

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What type of technology do the students enjoy using at Hollywood High School?
Ron Smith’s students enjoy finding ways to mix video with Adobe Flash.
How does Ron Smith keep his class engaged?
Ron is willing to use anything to keep them interested, but tries to implement the latest technology in the classroom for students to test out.

  • Podcasting
  • Text Messaging

He also dedicates a lot of time preparing his lessons so he can later devote more time to implementing the technology within the class.
What technology do other teachers use and how does it differ from the technology students are using?
Unfortunately, some teachers are still using PowerPoint, while the students are more interesting in using Flash to create more interactive presentations.

What are the two biggest challenges with integrating New Media into the classroom? Why?
New Media projects often require a lot of preparation or pre-production time.

  • Students often lack the patience to go through the pre-production process and want to immediately start creating things.
  • Teachers often don’t have the time or motivation to invest effort in the pre-production process.

What applications is Ron Smith just beginning to use with his students? How are they different from other applications?
Scratch – Game development software created by MIT.
Google SketchUp – 3D modeling software that allows students to create their own models and import and export assets to Google Earth.
Blender – A high-end 3D modeling and animation software with it’s own game engine.

The software he uses is free or open source, which allows any student the opportunity to use the software in and outside the classroom setting.

At what school does Ron Smith teach? What does he teach and why?
Ron Smith teaches at the Hollywood High School in Hollywood California.

  • He teaches Video Production, Web Design and Graphic Design.
  • His desire is that students attend college for a degree in media production while simultaneously working in the field as a freelancer.


Ludgate, H. (Director). (2008). Guest Lecture Ron Smith [Video Interview]. [With Ron Smith & Holly Ludgate]. United States: Full Sail University.


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