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I am by Camaal Moten

I am by Camaal Moten

Being a Contribution

After giving out A’s I declared that I was a contribution. So I went
to work without the perspective a succeeding or failing but adding
something that was uniquely mine. By seeing myself as a contribution,
I was able to rediscover the joy of designing. Although the design was
later not approved, I was numb to the sting of disappointment and
didn’t see it as a waste of time.  Now if I could only apply that same
principle to my thesis.


One Comment

    • Meredith Wise
    • Posted February 24, 2009 at 2:39 AM
    • Permalink

    Won’t it be nice to be done with the thesis! I really dont think of the thesis as a huge thing I am worried about getting done. Little by little it will come together.

    Love the posts!

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