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Approve by striatic

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Approve by striatic

Giving an A

Zander & Zander (2000) says that giving an A allows people to step out
of the measurement perspective but into a place of mutual respect.
What a liberating chapter. I went to work the next day and gave my
boss an A and it really works. I still wanted to leave my job, but it
was no longer because I didn’t like the work environment. I gave
myself an A too; suddenly I felt the burden of trying to prove my
worth disappear. I didn’t start slacking on the job, but I didn’t feel
like I had to take on tasks out of fear of not measuring up to my
boss’s expectations. This book is dangerous.


Zander, R., & Zander, B. (2000). The art of possibilities:
Transforming professional and personal life
. New York: Peguin Books.


One Comment

  1. Your reflections have been spot on. You certainly have a great talent for finding and selecting motivating images to go with your posts. Excellent job.

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