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Freedom by recursion_see_recursion

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Freedom by recursion_see_recursion

How are my thoughts and actions, in this moment, reflections of the
measurement world?

Zander & Zander (2000) define the measurement world as a perspective
that is supported by assessments, grades, standards, scales, and
comparisons.  In this world we worry about winning and losing, being
accepted, avoiding rejection based on one single assumption that life
is all about survival (Zander & Zander, 2000).  My most recent
thoughts and actions are most consumed with wanting to be accepted
amongst my peers in education technology. I don’t want to write a
thesis that will make people in the field say “So what.” I spend hours
searching for articles and trying to find what hasn’t been said
already, but I’m finding more commonalities than anything. I’m worried
about not graduating too because I’ve dedicated most of my time
focusing on my course work. While it was nice to get good grades and
approval from the professors, I’m disappointed on how I’ve handled my
thesis.  My thoughts and actions were totally focused on getting good
grades and competing amongst my peers.  Zander & Zander (2000)
encourages us that as we continually examine our thoughts, we will see
how it’s impossible to escape the underlying survival instinct. I
haven’t laughed yet, but I’m holding out hopes that it will come soon.
(Hehe, I just did) I had to laugh because I’m even trying to meet up
to the author’s standards and feel inadequate for not getting the
moment of laughter by the end of the chapter.


Zander, R., & Zander, B. (2000). The art of possibilities:
Transforming professional and personal life. New York: Peguin Books.


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