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Tiny, in a wheel by Benimoto

There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image.


Tiny, in a wheel by Benimoto

What assumptions do I make, that I’m not aware of, that gives me what I see?

It’s time for a little self-reflection. I’ll start with my assumption that the economy still hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and it’s only getting worse. My perspective to survive is caused by the underlying fear of losing my job, my apartment, and ability to support my family. I fear telling my wife that I lost my job, so at work I take on more tasks in effort to prove my value. As I struggle to secure my job, ticket sells continue to dwindle which reinforces my underlying fear of uncertainty.

What might I now invent, that I haven’t yet invented, that would give me other choices?

Instead of living in fear of losing my job, I could create other opportunities by looking for other jobs and freelance projects. I continue staying at my current job because I assume that every other company is struggling due to the economy. I have assumed that there are no jobs out there, so I need to hold on to what I have. Like the nine dot puzzle in The Art of Possibilities, I may have to draw my lines outside the state of Georgia, United States or change industries. It still seems as if I’m in survival mode.


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  1. excellent questions and comments. love the photo!

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