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"God is a DJ" by Bala

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"God is a DJ" by Bala

Pandora is similar to iTune’s Genius technology, but allowed users to listen to music without having to purchase the songs. The Pandora site offered users the ability to create a playlist based on music similar to their favorite artists. did that same thing as Pandora but went a step further and tracked the music played on the user’s computer through iTunes.’s online interface is a lot easier to use compared to the standalone version. The online version allowed listeners to hear full-length tracks, the standalone version only played excerpts of songs. One thing I thought was great about this technology was the ability to rate songs to easily customize a user’s listening experience.

I’m reminded of my Multiple Learning Theories class, where we discussed the Multiple Intelligence Theory and how it was impossible for teachers to create a unique experience that matched a student’s learning style. provided a simple survey for each song, which allowed them to hone in on the type of music a user may enjoy. If this same technique was used among students who are given a variety of types of lessons, it’s possible to obtain an idea of the types lessons that work best for a particular student. Teachers could pass these student profiles down, giving the next teacher an accurate perspective of a student’s strengths and areas for improvement according to the multiple intelligence theory. Students could then help create their own lesson plans like lets users create music stations.


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  1. Love I have an account but being so ahead of curve when I joined I had a following of one and it basically became a way to track and publicize my iTunes listening. Maybe I should move my widget to my blog’s main page. Hmmmm. I love it when I’m inspired by student work.

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