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Photo by InfoMofo

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Photo by InfoMofo

Have there been any books or movies that have inspired you to the point of action, either to be like people/characters in the book/movie, or to do something creative? What books/movies and what did you do?

I have Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park to thank for inspiring me to be where I am today. I loved dinosaurs like most boys do growing up. I was fascinated by the idea of giant creatures ruling the earth, but I couldn’t fathom what it must have been like to live alongside them. Jurassic Park’s special effects and cinematography told a story that made you wish you were there.

Jurassic Park inspired me to pursue a degree in Computer Animation and my goal was to use it to help people learn. In Jurassic Park, the characters took a research project using prehistoric material and brought it to life. Technology allowed them to take an inanimate object and create a real life dinosaur that would potentially allow researchers to gain more information. This metaphor foreshadowed my future; from that moment my passion was to bring textbooks (inanimate object) to life with graphics.

Jurassic Park symbolizes the potential for Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality is the process of superimposing images or graphics within a real world setting to enhance a viewer’s experience. The actors in Jurassic Park had to act as if they were reacting to real dinosaurs, but they were only digital models superimposed for viewers to see.  Augmented Reality would have blended the two and allowed the dinosaurs to exist in the same space without a green screen. Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy with AR allows learners to be immersed within a learning experience, which could increase their associations to the information.


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  1. That is so wonderful to have the mission of bringing words to “life.” I wish you much success and really look forward to what you are going to accomplish.

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