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1) What is transmedia storytelling?
Directors use Transmedia storytelling to create synergy around a movie. The synergy is maintained by developing a movie’s storyline across multiple mediums. For example, the Matrix’s storyline unfolds across console games, short animations, fan sites, online games and cinema. Like Survivor fans, curious viewers can gain more clues by purchasing the Matrix game and watching the short animations.

2) What is required for something to become a cult classic?
In order for something to become a cult classic, it’s world must be so elaborate that it cannot be limited to one medium. Each part of the story must be supported by extensive research, and provide avenues for people to learn about its’ intricate details. The characters must be built upon bits and pieces of other well know characters, and have a consistent element that ties the story together (Jenkins, 2006).

3) What is the chapter title, “Searching of the Origami Unicorn” in reference to?
In the Matrix’s plethora of media, the “Origami Unicorn” refers to the game Enter the Matrix. This unique tool distinguished the average Matrix fan from hardcore followers. In the game, players had a chance to play two secondary characters that would later be introduced in the next movie. A moviegoer without the gaming experience would be left to fill in the blanks, as the new characters were introduced in the sequel. In contrast, the gamer would see the movie as a continuation of the plot that he/she interacted with in the game. The “Origami Unicorn” takes on different forms in order to allow players to unfold more of the Matrix world.


Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence culture. New York. New York University Press.


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  1. Great job. One note, the Origami Unicorn is a reference to the cult film, Blade Runner, and is related to a question about whether the main character, Dekker, was human or not. There may have been a reference to it in the Matrix game. Alas, I don’t know anyone who bought the game (I absolutely loved the Animatrix, though).

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