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Video retrieved on February 7, 2009 from

Nokia’s Fourth Screen video did a wonderful job at giving a summary of media and how certain things remain constant throughout time. Mobile technology or the fourth screen is based on the same principle of the theater screen but it’s in your pocket. Nokia’s observation was that previous technology kept us confined and that their technology was now setting us free to enjoy the world again. How many times will we reinvent the screen? The next screen will be one that is not in our pockets, but one that we wear. Augmented reality and other A/V technology will soon make a way for people to be immersed in the music they love, communicate with others as if they are physically there, and travel around the world beyond the limits of gravity.


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  1. Yeah, it’s a commercial, of course their product is going to be cast as the one thing that fixes all of the mistakes of the past. I couldn’t help myself and wrote my own takes on this mythical 4th screen:

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