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What is old media?

Today, old media is floppy drives, cassette tapes, vinyl albums, VCR cassettes and analog television with an antenna. Jenkins (2006) describes, old media as old techniques used to deliver content that eventually becomes obsolete as our culture shifts.

What is convergence and has it happened yet?

Convergence is a process of cultures shifting due to new technology influencing our social interactions. We gain new freedoms through the advancement¬† of communication technology; therefore, gaining the ability to socialize on a broad scale. The content doesn’t change but the way it’s delivered adapts to meet the cultures present demands (Jenkins, 2006).

Today, convergence is happening more rapidly because ordinary people are able to instantly publish and share information with a global audience.

For example, two guys that entered a ad Dortios competition as was able to have their concept aired during the prime time SuperBowl commercial breaks.

All content may eventually be streamlined into one central device or given the freedom to express an idea with less constraints. Jenkins (2006) reassures us that stories will always exist regardless if it is told through theatre, television, YouTube, or our iPod. As future educator and content producers, we are faced with the challenge of predicting the effects of convergence and preparing students for an unpredictable future.


Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence culture. New York. New York University Press.


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  1. I find it interesting that when you think about “old media” your first thoughts were related to the recording technologies used to record and playback media. My sense is that while the signs of change are related to the recording and playback technologies, the difference between old media and new media is the idea of control and distribution. Old media being one authority broadcasting to a mostly passive “many” while new media is many authorities talking to and listening to many fans and contributors.

    Your Doritos commercial is awesome and ironically the YouTube link/embed was pulled down due to a “terms of use violation.” Ack.

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