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TV; "Brainwashed"

Photo by Aaron Escobar

1) From passive couch potato to what?
American Idol was an example of how viewers went from passive couch potatoes to actually having control over media. Apple Box Productions illustrated this concept best with an ad about marketers having 3 seconds to impress youth consumers (Jenkins, 2006). In the past, passive couch potatoes only consumed media from a limited outlet. Today, consumers have more choices and collectively share information on products that can influence each other’s buying or viewing habits.  Marketers have to rethink branding and the relationship they want to form with a consumer that has more control over the media they consume.

2) What’s the difference between “Brand loyalty” and “love marks”?
Brand loyalty describes the undying commitment a consumer has developed with a particular product. In the past, the marketer painted the picture and controlled the experience and the dissemination of information. Today, consumers are still loyal but they get their information from other reliable sources. Consumers can now use other’s real-life experience and form collective intelligence about a product. Using this method, consumers get a hands-on account of what a company’s brand is really like. Before the convergence of media and interactivity, branding was established by communicating a consistent message across different points of contact. Convergence forced marketers to focus on taking advantage of associating their products with strong emotional experiences. “Love Marks” are those special moments that consumers will always remember (e.g. the Super bowl party or graduation party) where a company’s product is conveniently located. As a result, the consumer establishes an association between the emotional experience and the product.


Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence culture. New York. New York University Press.


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  1. Great summary. I love the photo.

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